North Alabama Wildflower Spring Tour

"Trip was well planned and executed in all aspects."  Alabama 2017

"Exceeded my expectations."  Alabama 2017

Magnolia ashei at BBG

Magnolia ashei

Ashe's Magnolia at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Cathedral Caverns by Paul Austin

Cathedral Caverns 

Photo by Paul Austin

Group at Kaul Wildflower Garden

Kaul Wildflower

Birmingham Botanical Garden

Pitcher plants at Kaul Wildflower Garden

White Topped Pitcher Plants

Sarracenia leucophylla, at Kaul Wildflower Garden

Wendy and Patricia at Orr Park

Orr Park

Where a storm led to art because someone had a vision

Bibb County Glades

Fringed Blue Star

Amsonia ciliata filifolia at Bibb county glades

Cane Creek Canyon Preserve

Faye Lacefield

Cane Creek Canyon Preserve owner.  What lovely people!

Cane Creek Canyon Large Yellow Ladies Slipper

Large Yellow Ladies Slipper

Cypripedium pubescens at Cane Creek Canyon Preserve

Cane Creek at Cane Creek Canyon Preserve

Cane Creek

Cane Creek Canyon Preserve's namesake

Muscle Shoals Sound Studio

Muscle Shoals Sound Studio

Tuscumbia, Alabama

Ave Maria Grotto at St Bernard Abbey

Ave Maria Grotto

St Bernard Abbey in Cullman, Alabama


Bankhead Nat'l Forest

Foam flower at Bankhead

Foam flower

Tiarella cordifolia, along the rock outcroppings at Bankhead.

Rock outcrops at Bankhead

Rock Outcrop

William Bankhead National Forest

Filmy fern at Bankhead

Appalachian filmy fern

Trichomanes boschianum, growing under the rock outcrops in Bankhead

Cathedral Caverns Helen, Ev and Karie

Cathedral Caverns

one of the largest cavern systems in the eastern US

Cathedral Caverns

Cathedral Caverns

Alabama State Park

Little River falls

Little River Canyon 

A National Preserve in NE Alabama

Jan Allyn at Little River Canyon

Sandstone Glades

Little River Canyon National Preserve

LRC - Minuartia glabra 1.JPG

Appalachian sandwort

Minuartia glabra, at Little River Canyon